Excerpted from Succulent Wild Woman by SARK.

I had a friend who talked about “real love stores” which is the stuff you don’t hear about during the romance process.

It’s where you go on a long trip and he splashes gasoline on your shoe and whistles too loudly.

It’s where she never wants to hear whistling and complains that your shoes are squeaking on the gas pedal.

It’s finding out what lies beneath the fights and skirmishes of daily living. What are you really fighting about?

It’s figuring out a mutual language, developing trust, increasing intimacy, telling the truth microscopically, and revealing yourself deeply.

It’s about being exposed as who you really are.

It is being independent, interdependent, and dependent.

It’s about building a best friend-ship with your lover.

It’s about asking for what you need or want, regardless of the outcome.

The process of love is messy, holy, ordinary, and wildly hope-full.

As women, we deserve to be fully met, deeply loved, and equally at play in the process of loving.


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